The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures On Demand

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Computer/Laptop, compatible with almost any Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and over 3800 supported Android devices. Cannot be copied to DVD disc.


Instant delivery.
Start enjoying within seconds after purchase.

Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you’ll never lose a purchase.

Instant Access.
Watch on your tablet, smart TV, laptop or smartphone, online or offline.

Try it out with the free test clip first to see how you like it before you purchase anything, and to see if it's compatible with your device.
(*You will be leaving The GiggleBellies website and will be purchasing from another company)

Download your videos…

Video streaming is awesome when it works. But if you want a perfect playback experience, anytime, anywhere, online or offline, then get your free app by clicking on your device below, and download your videos!

Macintosh computer

Windows computer

iPad, iPhone iPod Touch

Android tablet or phone


Or watch instantly.

CloudPlayer is like a “virtual shelf in the cloud” for your entire media library.

When you buy, rent or subscribe to content in Purple, enjoy complimentary streaming access anytime you have a decent internet connection on your tablet, laptop, smart TV or smartphone.

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Laptop and desktop computers

Have a Macintosh OS X or Windows laptop or desktop computer?

Download the free desktop purple:player app and enjoy perfect video playback even if your connection is slow or intermittent, or you’re offline completely.


  • download or stream anything in your library
  • copy videos to your mobile devices
  • instantly search your library
  • use external hard drives
  • one click to add more titles to your library



Want to enjoy your library on your iOS or Android device, anytime, anywhere, in perfect quality whether you’re online or not?

Download the free player app for iOS or Android and have instant access to your entire media library via streaming, or copy over downloaded media from your computer and enjoy perfect video playback, anytime, anywhere, online or offline.

Full chapter menu, fast forward and rewind, slow motion backwards and forwards.

Compatible with almost any:

  • Apple iPad™
  • Apple iPhone™
  • Apple iPod Touch™
  • over 3800 supported Android devices


watch instantly

If you have a fast, solid internet connection (WiFi or ethernet) you can instantly stream any of your content from the following devices by going to:

  • Smart TVs (with browsers)
  • Android tablets and phones
  • Windows tablets and phones
  • Mac, Windows and Linux desktops and laptops
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
  • Apple TV (via AirPlay from an Apple computer or iOS device)
  • PlayStation 3
  • Chromebooks

Click here to go to cloudplayer

Playstation 3™

Go to purple:cloudplayer on your Playstation 3 and instantly play anything from your video library.

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We would never leave out the brave souls running the amazing Linux OS! Stream to your heart’s content without all the hassles other platforms put you through.

go to cloudplayer

Apple TV™

If you have an Apple TV, you almost certainly have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Get the free purple:player for iOS app from the Apple App Store, and wirelessly beam anything in your purple library to your Apple TV with a tap of your finger. Or use your Mac laptop with Mountain Lion and purple:player for Mac to play your library on your Apple TV.

download player for ios


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