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We watch 3-6 videos A DAY... they are too cute!
So I am a new Kindergarten Teacher (after previously teaching 3rd and 4th grade) and I work at a private school. I have to tell you that Gigglebellies is the ONLY DVD that I have purchased for music for my kids.. they love it, I love it, and we laugh and sing and dance with you every day twice a day! Thank you for making wonderful songs like "Peanut", "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "Gumdrops" - My kids are so touched by Gumdrops I cannot even tell you with all the presents and sharing in life... THANK YOU. -by Laura Boudreau

my students are hooked
I am a kindergarten teacher in an inner city in Massachusetts. I have the Gigglebellies dvd s for my granddaughter. I love them so much I bought the ABC song for my ipad to use with my class. The song is so loved we bought the rainbow song and down by the bay. Now I play the Goodnight Song at nap time. I reward them on Fridays with a new song as a reward for good behavior. THANKS! LOVE YOUR MUSIC and now my students are hooked too!! -by Helen Finn

This is a fantastic DVD collection as a teacher my students are engaged and love watching and singing to the music. -by Lorrae King

Gigglebellies put a smile on Cece's face.
As a music teacher who observes pre-k and kindergarten students who lack the experience and knowlege of tradional songs, I was pleased to hear gigglebellies promoting these old favorites. The songs are creatively done mixing old style with new variations. My grandaughter kisses me everytime I put the CD's on and pretends she's flying with Kaola....She also has holding breath syndrome but snaps out of it as soon as she hears the gigglebellies....these CD's are priceless....We want more! -by Gina

Super-Engaging, Giggling Fun
My preschool classroom cannot wait to hear a GiggleBellie song each morning! When time allows, we're rocking along to several! I am delighted to have this set! -by pre-k teacher

Wonderful Series!
I am a mother of a four year old daughter, and elementary music teacher. My daughter and my students absolutely adore Giggle Bellies. I use it in my classroom all the time. The students learn, and have a great time doing it! Great product! -by GiggleBellies customer

The GiggleBellies volumes 1 and 2 are excellent, being well-loved by children and grandchildren. As a teacher, I discovered GiggleBellies on YouTube and one of my infant grandchildren fell instantly in love with them. When they both demanded more I decided to order the DVDs which provide far better visuals. Moreover, the coloring pages that can be printed off are enjoyed by the older grandchild. For the younger, I copied the included MP3 versions of the more "sleepy" songs onto his MP3 teddy bear and he goes to sleep faster, hugging and listening to that bear. GiggleBellies rule IMHO!! -by hgernhardtjr

Gigglebellies are #1
At my granddaughters house, it's all about the Gigglebellies - totally mesmerized while mommy gets ready to go 'bye bye' - and mommy often gives the little one her phone with Gigglebellies playing on the trip home! Grammy and mommy love the educational 'perks'of GB - we're both teachers! All 3 GB DVD's are out-standing in all aspects of quality! -by Marilyn Byerley

Awesome Videos
These videos are amazing. My 1 year old nephew and even his big brother & sister all like the Gigglebellies. The colors are beautiful, the songs are both inspirational and funny. As an early childhood teacher and psychology major, I would definitely encourage anyone to buy these for their children or loved one. They are well worth it. -by Ms. Debbie

Fantastic teaching tool for kids!
I'm an English teacher in Japan and I use the Gigglebellies DVDs in my classes. The children love the bright colors and upbeat versions of old classics as well as the original songs. -by Jill Imai

Entertaining & Educational
I am a preschool teacher and found Giggle Bellies on YouTube. I use the ABC song at school and my student's love it. Bought the DVD set for my niece that is 8 months and she truly enjoys it as well. -by GiggleBellies customer

Super Sweet songs and lulllabies
This DVD was not a let down. My grand-daughter and I sat and enjoyed the songs. Her favorite was Rock A Bye Baby as it was so soothing. This would be a great addition to any new born to preschooler's collection. As a grandparent, as a parent, as a Kindergarten teacher...this was a welcome. Colorful, musical, and best of all, well done. -by Alice

I teach Pre-K through 5th grade children with Multihandicapping conditions. I found Gigglebellies (Wheels on the Bus)on Youtube and my students absolutely loved it. So, I ordered the DVD for them. They will sit still and focus on the entire DVD. Several have begun to hum the songs and one is clapping to the beat of Old MacDonald. One of the children picked up the case to let me know she wanted to watch it again! CAN'T WAIT for a new DVD to come out. The adults even enjoy the cute little characters! -by Kathie

a true gem
I did stumble onto the Giggle Bellies on You Tube. As a retired second grade teacher, now a part time preschool teacher and a grandmother, I knew that I had found a true gem. Your fun musical adventure is not just entertaining but aides children through all the developmental milestone with laughter and song. Keep up the good work. There is obviously a lot of educational research behind you choices. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is watched by my grandson every night just before bed. -by Patricia M. Davis, M. Ed

Gigglebellies ROCK!
I stumbled across gigglebellies on youtube and my 1 year old daughter fell in love immediately! After lots of downloads we purchased the CD for ourselves and our friends and the kids love it!! Now both of my girls, now 2 and 8 months spend hours enthralled with gigglebellies. We love the amazing colours and eye catching graphics, not to mention the great versions of well known songs. I am also a new entrant teacher and my class love gigglebellies too, it's often what they request as a reward incentive at the end of the week! -by Kylie Piper

GiggleBellies in Qatar
I found GiggleBellies on YouTube when I was looking for a suitable version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for my son (I sang it to him every day of my pregnancy and he has loved it from day one!). As a Reception (Kindergarten) primary teacher, I have used YouTube for a few nursery rhymes and The GiggleBellies' versions are by far the best I have seen. Finlay - my son loves every song and has enjoyed them ever since I purchased the DVD when he was only 3 months old! I have recommended this DVD to all my friends, not only for their children to see but I love it too! Thank you! -by Rachel

love love love The Gigglebellies
I am a music teacher in East Hartford, CT and I teach and all autistic class. When I first found the Gigglebellies on Youtube, we never went back. They love love love them. They don't stop looking at the screen! The Gigglebellies have taught them so much!
Thank you! -by Katie

LOVE your video
I am a two year old teacher and LOVE your video. My kids get to watch Giggle Bellies once a week in the afternoon and look forward to it every time. If I mention we're going to watch Giggle Bellies I'm stuck in a classroom with screaming jumping and dancing children, all BEFORE I can start the DVD. Thanks! -by Nikki Henson

The Greatest Musical Deal for every kid.
My grandson and I happily sat through Gigglebellies videos on youtube for a year before I decided he needed to hear all of the songs all of the way through. Now he loves this. He is 18 months old, chooses this dvd on his own for his parents to put in for him. The adults are now having these songs plugged into their brains, too. Driving in the rain one day my wife said, "that song is in my head, raindrops, lollipops,.." She sang it. I am a teacher and musician and I LOVE the music and rhythm, especially as it is tied into fantastic art work. This gives him practice in singing, language, music appreciation--and all in a relaxed, happy and fun format. -by David Reid Otey

I love the GiggleBellies
Our two and a half year old granddaughter absolutely loves GiggleBellies!!!! She has a small trampoline and when we play the DVD, she jumps and sings. GiggleBellies make her so happy! As a retired elementary school teacher (38 years of teaching), I love the GiggleBellies, too. The colors, animation, music and characters are wonderful. Many many thanks for give our granddaughter such pleasure. We are waiting for more. -by Lynn Eshelman

Love #2
My son saw the DVD come in the mail and was like Giggle as soon as I put it in he was a dancing fanatic. I myself love the videos they are so colorful and beautiful. I am a teacher and all my preschoolers love it as well. -by Jenna


Daycare Providers

great teaching tool!
I have spread the word i love the dvd and my son and my kids in the day care love to play it at least 3 times a day.!! i just wish you had more items for people to buy. or more dvd's. This is a great teaching tool and just wish you had more. -by pam nicholson

Great fun for children 6 months to 101
I have a daycare and am always looking for things fun and educational. My eldest came home for a visit and showed me and some of the kids the you tube sight. The preschoolers fell in love. I ordered 2 DVDs, one as a backup, just in case:) It's so up beat, colorfull and entertaining! Even the older (10 & 8) children come running when they here it start. It was such a hit, I ordered 3 more, for 2 grandson's and 1 great grandson. All the parents and children have their toes tapping and hands clapping! Can't hardly wait for another one to be available. Thanks so much!! -by Diana Boatman

Daycare Teacher Loving This!
I purchased volumes 1&2 for my 2yr old grandson. He absolutly LOVES them. I work in a daycare center with pre-schoolers, we don't normally play dvd's. One bitter cold day I brought the dvd's in to work so that the kids could get some energy out dancing, as they could'nt go outside to play. Needless to say, I now have all the parents asking what the Giggle Bellies are! -by GiggleBellies customer

My daycare children love it!
This is one of the cutest animated DVD's! Love the cute characters they have come up with. Plus, we love how they have put a twist on the classics and have some new ones. The company is so personable, asking for feedback from the consumers and advice on the new DVD that is coming out soon! Can't Wait! -by Connie Boss

Kids love it!!
I came across one of your videos on youtube. My little boy liked it so I decided to try it out in my home daycare. The kids absolutely love it. There is not a day that goes by that the kids don't beg to watch Gigglebellies. Great song selection, great characters and great graphics keep them involved the entire time. -by Michelle

A Must Have!
We, my daycare children and I, came across The GiggleBellies on Youtube. I had to order them! Television viewing is extremely limited so I just play the music. It is so upbeat and catchy! It always gets us dancing (not to take away from the wonderful and color graphics of the video). -by Bobbi

awesome dvd also educational
I brought this dvd for my 21 month old she loves it and sings along, I also own a daycare and my daycare children love it as well I find myself singing along, I also love the animation excellent product will definitely order morepmore products as the cone out. -by shanda bailey-simpson

My daycare loves the gigglebellies! We do them everyday! -by Belinda

Awesome fun for kids
my daughter and daycare children love these dvds especially the colours and fun depiction of the songs old and new -by louise Bedford

SUPER Videos!
They are great videos for young children Ages 6 month-5 years) I love the bright colors and fun animals they have in the videos. My kids and daycare kids love the giggle bellies! -by GiggleBellies customer

Daycare loved it!
I bought this for my daycare, and they love it! Whenever we watch a movie, the first one they ask for is the Gigglebellies! It is really cute and fun with animals. -by GiggleBellies customer


Special Needs

I am a school teacher at a school for children with autism
I am absolutely thrilled with your product! I actually don't have a child. I am a school teacher at a school for children with autism. I found your product on you-tube and instantly my students were engaged. So I hopped straight online and purchased your DVD. It has become a daily ritual within our classroom and in fact our school. All the teachers within the school come and borrow the DVD daily from my classroom. The colours, music and characters are vibrant and engaging for all of our students. The demand for my DVD out weighs the supply. My students love the extras that come with the dvd also, we use the colouring in sheets all the time within the classroom. I have recommended your DVD and website to all the teachers within my school as well as the parents of the children within my classroom. Two of the parents in my classroom have already purchased the DVD from you also. Our favourite songs are Twinkle Twinkle (Which we use for relaxation time) and peanut (mostly for dancing around). Thanks soooo much for creating an exceptional DVD, we hope that there will be another one! -by Lisa-Maree

Early Childhood Special Ed
Last year I purchased the first two dvd's for my Early Childhood Special Ed classroom, The children in my room are autistic and they loved them!! They were engaged, trying to sing along and really excited by every song and character. It was really wonderful to find something that they all are excited about and they can learn from. Well I just purchased the Lullabies dvd and they enjoyed it even more! We had to watch it twice today :-) Thank you so much for creating these wonderful dvd's! I have told all of my parents and have given them your info. I am planning on purchasing the stuffed elephant next, I know that they will love him! Thank you -by Regina Dunn

I teach Pre-K through 5th grade children with Multihandicapping conditions. I found Gigglebellies (Wheels on the Bus)on Youtube and my students absolutely loved it. So, I ordered the DVD for them. They will sit still and focus on the entire DVD. Several have begun to hum the songs and one is clapping to the beat of Old MacDonald. One of the children picked up the case to let me know she wanted to watch it again! CAN'T WAIT for a new DVD to come out. The adults even enjoy the cute little characters! -by Poby Kathie

Thank you so much
Hello! Just wanted to thank the creators of Gigglebellies. We were introduced to gigglebellies by my son's speech therapist when he was a "too quiet" toddler. My son had hearing problems as an infant due to multiple severe infections including burst eardrums. My son uttered his first purposeful vocalizations to make his speech therapist continue the gigglebellies music video that had purposefully paused--brilliant! This burst of sound from his little mouth was music to all of our ears, and was accompanied by a couple of baby dance moves as well. His vocalizations became more varied and more consistent over the following months but when he is not feeling well or has an off day, we still return to Gigglebellies to get my little guy going. His favorite (and his twin sister's) is Old MacDonald. We received the first DVD for a gift and although the twins are not tired of it, the grownups in the house are anxious to hear some new songs :) Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have provided--the Gigglebellies will always have special meaning for my family! -by Erin Savage

Great Fun! Kids of ages love it!
I have used it in my autistic classroom as a tool to teach ABCs and counting. -by James

Gigglebellies are GREAT!!!
I had heard of the Gigglebellies through my son's teacher. He is on the Autism Spectrum and attends an Autism Support Class. The teacher uses your videos as a learning and support technique for the children. Upon her telling me how much my son loves and interacts with the songs, I knew that I had to have the set in my home so that he can have the Gigglebellies at any time. I am quite impressed with them myself and I am so grateful that they exist. They have made it a lot easier for my child to interact and focus on their bright colors and unique characters. Thank you for the creation of the Gigglebellies. -by Christy Cumberledge

I teach children with special needs and the children love the colours,songs and music on the Gigglebellies DVD. Many of the parents have now purchased the DVD to help their child relax and sleep. I have since bought them for my grandchildren. I love them too!!! -by Cathy

love love love The Gigglebellies
I am a music teacher in East Hartford, CT and I teach and all autistic class. When I first found the Gigglebellies on Youtube, we never went back. They love love love them. They don't stop looking at the screen! The Gigglebellies have taught them so much! Thank you! -by Katie

students love it
I am a special education teacher working with children from 3 to 6 years old. The students truly enjoy your videos/music they are able to start and stop the video/music using a special switch. -by GiggleBellies customer

This is the best product ever in the world.
My Autistic son is enjoying enormously with your songs and I regret a lot that my new IPAD has lost the ability to retrieve the information that I have purchased the entire collection previously on another device. The collection is so energetic that after a full blown singing and jumping from me, my son waves and says buy with me to the end of the songs which is unusual as he does not talk at all. He is 7 years old. And I always cry on COME FLY WITH ME,for the life that could still be. PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOU MAKE THE NEW ONES. WE NEED YOU. AND DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOURS AND THE ENERGY. MANY AUTISTIC KIDS DEPEND ON YOU. THANK YOU AND NEVER STOP. -by Evelyn and Samir

Gigglebellies are the best
Both my two sons absolutely love the Gigglebellies. Both my boys are autistic and one of them is non verbal they both love dancing and moving to them. They were recommended to me by my eldest sons teacher and she was right he loves the colours and bounces round the room gleefully whenever they are on. My youngest watches the lullaby dvd every eve before bed Peanuts is his favourite and he beams everytime he sees him. -by Heather

Thank ya'll
I teach a 5 year old little boy with AUTISM . He's a great kid and loves yoursongs and videos.He loves the beautiful colors . The music puts a huge smile onhis face.Thank ya'll -By sherri williams

I am a LPN for independent nursing. i go to school with one of my clients. the teacher accidently came across gigglebellies. the special needs class loved it. so i bought 2sets to give to my clients. They loved it. i am sure i will be purchasing more in future. -by Jodie Karnitz

My granddaughter loves your videos. She is two and watches very little TV. My daughter thought of viewing youtube to let her see some of her favorite songs performed. After seeing the awesome graphics and details on Gigglebellies, I had to buy it. Since I am a special education teacher, I plan on showing the DVD to my students to help them learn the words and be able to act out the songs -by Lorrie

Once again,a FABULOUS job on Vol 2!!
My son(severly Autistic LOVES GigglesBellies and so does my 3 yr old daughter and all my daycare kidos! I think I was more excited whenI recieved the DVD in the mail than the kids. My teen nieces acually picked on me :) Keep up the terrific work. Cant wait for Vol3!!! Thanks,from the Albro family -by Albro family

Giggle bellies does it again!
Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves all of your dvd's. She was diagnosed with autism several months ago, but she absolutely loves the music and the beautiful characters. We feel blessed to have this type of dvd to share with her. She smiles and jumps up and down when she watches all of the dvd's. Thank you so much for your beautiful music, words and art. It is delightful. -by Sue

Very Entertaining
Our 5 year old autistic grandson loves the Gigglebellies videos. He loves dancing in front of a mirror and sings the songs very loudly. I can't wait for more new videos! -by Dee


Parents & Grandparents

Captivating fun, fun, fun!!!
Thank you so much for such wonderfully, creative and captivating songs and characters. These are the best DVDs I have seen as and ex teacher and now a grandmother of preschoolers. We all just LOVE them at our house and the children will watch them over and over. Often the songs are running through my head during the day!!! Well done to Gigglebellies Team - you are amazing!! -by Miriam Sims

Thank you so much for providing such a great visual and musical product!!
Your videos are seriously the greatest!! I purchased Gigglebellies Volume 1 last year when my oldest daughter was 14 months. She is OBSESSED and has been since we got it last year. My husband and I have to use code words like GB so that she doesn't hear us say Gigglebellies and have a complete freak out!! She'd watch it all say if she could. Now, we have a 9 month old daughter and she is completely nuts over the Gigglebellies too!! They bounce around and squeal the minute it turns on! I only saw it fitting that we ordered Volume 2 and I was sooooooo impressed to see that it was on my porch today, one day after I ordered it!! This speaks volumes and shows that you take great pride in your product and care about your customers. We have yet to watch it because they are both napping but I'm sure it will be playing over and over and over again!! -By Julie Beaudoin

Lullaby dvd is the best!
LMy kids love all of the dvds, especially the lullaby one!  I have had such a hard time on weekends getting my kids to nap and the lullaby dvd puts them right to sleep.  Simply a  miracle for a mom of 19 month old twin daughters and a 3 year old son.  They beg to watch the lullaby dvd before naptime and the other 2 dvds during play time. -by GB customer

Love the GiggleBellies!!
Like many of your customers, we discovered the GiggleBellies via YouTube. We have a 2 year old who adores the songs - I'm glad we ordered the double DVD pack because we watch them daily! I also teach Prep children and took in one of the DVDs today and played it during their indoor play time. Half the class stopped their activities and sat on the mat, copying the actions and there was lots of giggling! Thank you so much for producing a visually stimulating DVD, with such "catchy" melodies. I'll be sure to share your company's talent!!! -by Anita

My son LOVES Gigglebellies!
I absolutely love that my son has the ability to learn from the videos while having a good time! He watches the DVDs over and over and tries to sing the songs. He dances along with the characters and is truly learning and having fun. This is a definite must have for your children. My son and I spend lots of time together, and now I can teach him through the DVDs and he doesn't even realize he's learning. -by Rebecca

Gigglebellies are a lifesaver!
My 19-month old son absolutely LOVES the Gigglebellies! We ordered volumes 1 and 2 after giving into his obsession with the YouTube selection - his favorites are "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Down by the Bay," and "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes." He makes ME happy watching him watch it! My son is still not talking much, yet he "sings" along and knows exactly what is coming next. Gigglebellies videos are the one thing that can calm him down when he is upset. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Signed, One Grateful Mom -by Laura Santos

Great DVD!
My granddaughter loves the Giggle Bellies and asks for it all the time by saying "Bus, Bus!". My other granddaughter was visiting and now she's hooked on it too. Her Mom is a teacher and loves the animation and the way it holds her attention. Great DVD! -by Karen Hamm

Great DVD! Keeps my little one entertained for 30 min!
I bought the 1st DVD for my son and it was the only thing that kept him from crying for a straight 30 minutes. Long enough for me to eat or clean up a little. So, now that he's older we bought him the second DVD. I like this one even more. They're more traditional songs with a new gigglebelly twist. With songs that help to teach colors and body parts it's great for preschoolers. The songs give them a way to participate and do dances and sing along. I love it! I love gigglebellies! -by Stefanie

Wondered how you could top the first 2 DVDS and here it is!
My granddaughter loved the first 2 dvd's that we got her she loves to dance and sing along, she's 2 and now she has had this new one for a few short weeks and she sings along with Row Row Row your boat, You are my sunshine and will wear this one out in no time! She plays it over and over! The color and animation is superb! This is another well made DVD that teaches colors, numbers and the alphabet which she now sings, also know the letter by sight not just in order and counts to 20. She loves the characters and learning the songs too! THANK YOU FOR CARING FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE! -by Suzanne

2 year old granddaughter loves this
I purchased this dvd set for my granddaughter. She loves gigglebellies and would watch the videos on youtube for hours. I got this for her for christmas and she watches several times a week. She will dance and play along with the videos. These are great dvds. They are not just mind numbing noise. They actually teach while having fun. -by Tracy Coyne

Excellent Learning Tool for children
The graphics and colors of each video, along with the songs and animations are absolutely amazing at holding even my 1 1/2 yr old grandson's attention. Both of my grandsons love watching the gigglebellies videos. The videos are excellent at teaching the children colors, songs, alphabet, and counting. -by R. Bush

Ya'll bring so much joy and happiness into our home with Gigglebellies!!
I just wanted to say thank you so much! My Husband and I found Gigglebellies while surfing Utube and our daughter has been hooked ever since! She was about 2 months old when she started watching the clips and she has loved it ever since!! Now she is almost 7 months old and she watches it everyday!! We don't want her hooked on a lot of TV so she watches the DVD once a day and before she goes to bed she always watches the "Twinkle Twinkle" on there! She laughs and smiles and her eyes shine and sparkle every time we put Giggles on! We have told everyone about it!! For Chirstmas my Mom also bought her volume two. So she has both DVD's. Ya'll bring so much joy and happiness into our home with Gigglebellies!! She LOVES them!!! Thank you SO much for making them and for filling the hearts and minds of so many children and babies! Giggles is so refreshing and fun even our older kids enjoy watching them and they are 13 and 10! My cousins daughter is also hooked on Giggles now from being there when we put it on for our baby! Our two older kids even told me they have found themselves singing it during the day!! Thankyou so much for such a wonderful gift!! Also, do ya'll know when you will come out with a 3rd DVD?? Thank you so much!! -By Katrina Reid and baby Gracelyn Reid


Industry Experts

Mr.Dad Review / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
Tired of the same old kids’ songs sung in the same old ways? Yaaaawn. The Gigglebellies DVD will get dad, kids, and anyone else within ear- and eyeshot, up and dancing. A fun, fresh, entertaining approach that breathes new life into the old standards.”

Academic Choice Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
“Wow. The animation of the Giggle Bellies is spectacular, so eye-popping and stimulating to children and adults alike. The familiar tunes will engage your child to sing along. The 3D is very bright and fantastical looking, especially to a child. Overall, Giggle Bellies was enjoyed and asked for again and again. I have already shared this product with friends.”

Kids First! / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
"Vivid colors, music and dancing, make this appealing. Characters are bright and bouncy and songs have a good beat that make you want to dance. A new spin on some familiar songs makes kids take the time to listen to the lyrics. A great tool for breaking the ice on a play date. Your child will jump off the couch and start dancing and laughing, and you might just join in."

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
"The Gigglebellies DVD’s are the perfect length to pop in and let my daughters watch while making dinner or when I want to keep them busy for a short amount of time. I know that they’re dancing and singing along instead of just watching the TV, which is great."

Academic Choice Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
“Giggle Bellies has done it again with volume 2 of its musical adventures. There are wonderful, sweetly sung melodies and a fantastical creative video that makes children smile huge, amazed smiles. Songs that stand out are "Busy Bee," with its spelling of words—great exposure for preschoolers. Other songs, "Itsy Bitsy," "Color of the Rainbow," "Happy and You Know It," and "Space Boy" are all educational and so creative. My child loves them. The added bonuses of the MP3s and printouts are well worth $15 for this beautiful and educational video.”

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / Sweet Songs & Lullabies Collection
"These videos are the perfect accompaniment to the songs. The images are sweet and helped my kids settle down and get ready for naptime."

The Dove Foundation / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
“This is a wonderful music DVD which the entire family will enjoy as they sing and dance along to original songs like "The wheels on the bus" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." And added to this collection are original songs from The GiggleBellies like "Jumping Monkeys" and "Kooky Birds". They are enduring and charming songs with the colorful 3D animation that will master everyone's attention. This is a fantastic collection the entire family will have fun with. We award this DVD the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.”

Academic Choice Awards / Sweet Songs and Lullabies Collection
“The Giggle Bellies, Sweet Songs and Lullabies, does an outstanding job of putting beautifully crafted songs to an amazing 3D video. I am very impressed with all the Giggle Belly originals. These songs were a wonderful surprise after hearing all the classic lullabies and children's songs in their other videos. The creativity of the videos are beautiful. The one scene that follows the dandelion seeds across the landscape just opens up a whole new world for a child that is used to blowing those little things and making wishes. "Great Big Ocean," was a wonderful trip under the sea, inviting the observer to come and learn and maybe some day swim the great depths. Our MP3 copy sings our children to sleep often. When watching the DVD, my children are glued to the screen and I am inspired. Thank you for producing such a great product.”

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
"My three year old enjoyed watching and dancing along with the fun characters. This was educational and played fun songs."

Kids First! / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
"Fun-filled silly animation with a mix of familiar songs. Fast paced, colorful, very appealing. Every character shows love, fun and spirit. They really make you want to get up and dance along. The songs are a mix of original tunes and familiar ones. For example, the ABC song is sung but to a different tune."

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
"This is a good combination of songs. Music that my kids already know and love mixed with catchy GiggleBelly music. It holds my kid’s interest and the brightly animated characters make the videos fun to watch."

The Pixie Awards / Sweet Songs & Lullabies Collection
"Creative designs. Animations are spot on." "Engaging, beautiful, well-crafted and fun!"

The Dove Foundation / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
“This is a splendid DVD comprised of delightful animals, bright colors, and terrific songs. Your children will love each and every note and character! The following list of songs is included in the DVD: 1. Itsy Bitsy Spider 2. Down By The Bay 3. All The Little Rain Drops 4. Colors of The Rainbow 5. Working on The Railroad 6. The Really Cool Space Team 7. Head Shoulders Knees And Toes 8. If You're Happy And You Know It 9. Bucky 10. Mister Sun 11. Eat 'Em All Up 12. Fly Away. Kids will love the animated spider, the rain drops, the strong character of the Sun, the itsy bitsy spider, and all the rest. Several of the songs are approximately two minutes in length, including "Busy Bumble Bee" and "All The Little Raindrops". The traditional "Working on the railroad" is nicely done as well. A song about Bucky the horse says, "He eats hay, rides with you!" What kid wouldn't love it? Bucky is unforgettably animated. Bonus downloads are included in which the viewer can download ten coloring pages, thirteen illustrated lyrics sheets, as well as thirteen MP3's of the GiggleBellie songs. This DVD is a delightful treat! Get it and watch it with your kids. We are proud to award "The GiggleBellies: Sweet Songs and Lullabies" the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.”

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#1
"I really enjoyed watching my four year old son get into the songs and dance along. He especially loved the GiggleBelly Train. Even my daughter, who is nine, liked the music. She said it was ‘babyish’ at first, but then kept watching the videos. I think the bright colors and animations were intriguing to her."

The Dove Foundation / Sweet Songs & Lullabies
"The GiggleBellies" brings music alive for preschoolers. With wonderful animation to accompany the calming songs like "Imagine a Cloud" and "Unicorns and Fairies" plus hits like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and Rock a Bye Baby", your little ones will enjoy this relaxing DVD. It also contains downloads for your youngsters that has coloring pages, lyric sheets so that they may learn the words to sing along. This DVD will have everyone in the family ready to lay back and enjoy. We are proud to award "The GiggleBellies: Sweet Songs and Lullabies" the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages.”

Expert Mom from Moms Best Awards / Sweet Songs & Lullabies Collection
"This is a great bedtime DVD to calm kids down. I love the songs on it, they really are relaxing."

Kids First! / Sweet Songs & Lullabies
"This DVD for 2-4 year olds is a collection of animated songs. Some are traditional pieces and others were created for this program. The songs are all soft and melodic and they are mostly about the outdoors and magical creatures. The animation is done in a rainbow of colors with very cute little animals, insects, flowers and similar. I envision this as a calming influence on a roomful of toddlers in a daycare setting or at home for naptime."

Kids First! / GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Vol#2
"I like the animals and colors." Kids want to watch it over again. They like to sing along and they all danced. "It was awesome." "My friends will like it because it is nice." It is hard to even get the kids to talk about the DVD, they just want to keep on singing.