Bee WeeMeet The Loveable GiggleBellies!™
A highly creative music video series that captivates young children like no other! The lovable GiggleBellies takes preschoolers on fun musical adventures energized with dancing characters, colorful whimsical worlds, fantastical animation, and great music. Kids have fun singing and dancing with the silly GiggleBellies crew, and parents love they are learning too!

Ask any Mom, and she will tell you, the majority of young children have short attention spans and need quite a bit of stimulation. Our unique program is created for the child who just won’t sit through the typically paced children’s programs of today. Our carefully paced upbeat music videos , 2- 4 minutes each are fun, energetic, colorful, silly and full of movement just like kids! Our music videos introduce early concepts like ABC’s, colors and counting, but we also strive to get your kids up and moving to develop those motor skills which are important. Need help at bedtime? Well, we came up with a unique video series just for that! Our unique lullaby collection is very soothing, and has been very helpful to many Moms in helping their little ones wind down!

Our goal is to create timeless entertainment products that initiate the words “Play it again” and bring upon many hours truly fun and valuable entertainment to your little ones. It is our hope and intention “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” video series will bring your family as much joy as we have creating them.

About The Co-Creators Of The GiggleBellies™
Kerry Miller Johnson & Pauline Saab are the co-creators behind “The GiggleBellies™”. Their combined production history earned them credits in academy award winning films such as “Shrek”, “Star Wars: Episode 1”, “Wing Commander”, multi award winning games such as “Wing Commander”, “Conquest ”, and “Freelancer” and now a multi award winning video series “The GiggleBellies™ Musical Adventures”.

What inspires The GiggleBellies™ characters?
 We are always inspired by funny, different, and whimsical things. Our characters had to encompass those traits. We wanted characters that stood out but more importantly really connected with young children. Purple elephants, blue cows, and pink monkeys seem to fit perfectly in a creative world. With unique design, color, texture and a whole lotta love, “Peanut” the elephant, “Bucky” the horse, and over 60 other characters have been created. With brilliant colors, big smiles, and wide-eyed expressions, these characters really captivate a young audience. Meet The GiggleBellies™ stars here

What inspires The GiggleBellies™ music?
 We love writing children songs and coming up with creative ways to teach through song. It’s a very rewarding part of what we do. Each song we write, or adapt, is inspired by a meaningful purpose, and created for the children and families we serve. We thrive on the challenge to create interesting modern children’s music that can be enjoyed by different ages. If parents or caretakers like our music, they are more likely to sing to their children, which we encourage. We love coming up with toe tapping rhythms and catchy lyrics that get everyone singing along. Our original song “The GiggleBelly Train” with it's infectious beat has been a hit in households around the world. “Colors Of The Rainbow” and “ABC Superstar” teaches about colors, ABC’s and counting in an easy to remember rhythmic way. We have been told by many parents that our original song “The Really Cool Space Team” helped them remember all the planets! “Busy Bumble Bee” has helped many kids spell their first word. We have fun adapting and modernizing classic children songs and nursery rhymes such as “Wheels On The Bus” and “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”. We also strive to inspire creative thinking through more cerebral songs like “Imagine A Cloud” or “Fly Away With Me”. In a nutshell, our quest to help children sing, dance and learn, inspires us every day. See the benefits of music here

What inspires The GiggleBellies™ bright colors?
We love big, bright and bold color. We use every color in the crayon box depending on what we are trying to emote or create. Truth be told, there isn’t anything random about how we approach color and there is a lot thought behind our color palettes. We spent many years studying color theory, and how color is used in therapy and we apply that knowledge to our videos. Have you ever wondered why some children pick certain colors from a crayon box to express themselves? We truly believe color has its own language, and we listen. Simply put, we paint colorful worlds kids understand. Read our blog post on the science of playful colors here