About the Team

Meet The Co-Creators Of The GiggleBellies™The creators
Kerry Miller Johnson & Pauline Saab are the co-creators behind “The GiggleBellies™”. Their paths collided over 20 years ago while studying animation in college. They had a special connection and instantly became the best of friends. In 2001 they opened their first business together and it became a successful animation studio. With their love for all things related to children, they set their sights on creating “The GiggleBellies™”. It took several years to breathe life into “The GiggleBellies™” and to release the first volume for public consumption. With a lot of hard work, and dedication, “The GiggleBellies™” became a huge hit in households around the world. Before going out on their own, their combined production history earned them credits in academy award winning films such as “Shrek”, “Star Wars: Episode 1”, “Wing Commander”, multi award winning games such as “Wing Commander”, “Conquest ”, and “Freelancer” and now a multi award winning DVD series “The GiggleBellies™ Musical Adventures”.

Behind The Music
The GiggleBellies™ aim to create music that inspires movement and active participation from kids. They believe children’s music should be catchy, rhythmic, and enjoyable to listen to for continuous play. BK Cummings & Stranded on A Planet have been instrumental in helping The GiggleBellies™ turn their songs into finished polished music. Fans have written hundreds of letters complimenting the quality, depth, and creativity of the music that The GiggleBellies™ have developed. That is music to any musicians’ ears!

Future Is Looking Bright
We are always in the process of creating fresh content. We hope to deliver a new digital platform this year which will allow us more flexibility in releasing content much faster and more frequently. We are a company that believes in quality over quantity. Our videos cannot be mass produced and our production cycles are long. But we give every video all we have creatively and musically.

Thank you for your interest! If you are interested in licensing our music, videos, or characters we would love to hear from you. It is important you provide detailed information to be considered. Please contact: Licensing@TheGiggleBellies.com